Public health threat: Indoor exposure to the airborne pollutants from the streets filthy water and rubbish

Indoor Air Cartoon Journal, March 2019, Volume 2, #50

The lack of human respect for the environment has a public health threat to human. The air, water, and land which constitute the environment operate to serve the human. If they are functioning well, human activities, health, and wellbeing will be enhanced. If otherwise, the reverse impact will happen to the human. One of the human activities that pose threats to the environment is the infrastructure development. Poor location, design, construction, or maintenance of the infrastructure could divert the flow of water to cause flood or water stagnation. Human behaviour such as unethical disposal of materials, chemical, and human wastes compromise the quality of the environment.

Depending on the environmental – temperature, relative humidity, and air movement – conditions, the particulate matters – liquid droplets and solids particles – originating from the filthy water, composting wastes could be airborne carrying with them chemical or biological toxicity of their source. The concentration of the airborne particulate matter (aerosol) will increase if unethical human behaviour continues with little or no remediation effort. A polluted outdoor environment with a high concentration of biological and chemical contaminated aerosols is not good for occupants of buildings in the vicinity. Living in such an environment makes occupants vulnerable.

The risk of morbidity or mortality occurrence will depend on building occupants immunity condition. Gaps/openings on building surfaces and poor cross ventilation typical of buildings in such countries where law and order are compromised or not respected or value is not given to the environment, and human life will also increase the vulnerability of residents.

50. IAC_Filthy Street_50

Do you want to know more about aerosols from filthy water and rubbish and their possible health impacts? Read Pearson et al. (2015) paper.

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