Till tobacco smoke do us part: Risk of developing lung cancer from spouse

Indoor Air Cartoon Journal, November 2018, Volume 1, #32

Chronic illness or death could occur due to a spousal hazard. Just like an occupational hazard, efforts should be made to eradicate spousal hazard. A non-smoker spouse exposed to tobacco smoke from smoker spouse on a daily basis is experiencing spousal hazard. Evidence in the literature suggests that the probability of a non-smoker spouse developing lung cancer could be over 20% when subjected to long term exposure to tobacco smoke pollutants from spouse’s smoking. Several respiratory problems could also develop due to the long term exposure. This is a public health concern.

Pre-existing health issues and poor ventilation, air movement and air cleaning in an indoor environment will further increase the risk as they make exposed non-smoker spouse be more vulnerable. Couples are meant to spend a lovely time together. A tobacco smoke-free indoor environment is the best way to reduce non-smoker spouse’s risk of developing lung cancer from secondhand smoke. If you are a smoker, can your love for your non-smoking partner motivate you to stop smoking? The choice is yours to make. Don’t let tobacco smoke do you part.32_Smoking spouse_IAC 32

Do you want to know more about this topic? Read Brennan et al. (2004), Dobson (2004) and Tredaniel et al. (1997) papers.

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