Impact of traffic pollutants exposure on human blood pressure

Indoor Air Cartoon Journal, July 2018, Volume 1, #15

Climate change concern is the usual motive for reducing the number of vehicles on the road. The potential impacts of air pollutants from vehicles on human health is usually not given the attention it deserves. However, there is evidence in the literature suggesting that air pollutants, especially toxic PM2.5, from vehicles could cause an increase in blood pressure to a level that could cause adverse human health effects. What are the practical implications of this knowledge on building users, designers – architects and engineers, contractors, operators, policy makers, developers, and owners? Since most human exposures occur in the indoor environment, efforts should be made to reduce outdoor to indoor transport of these pollutants. Blood Pressure_IAC 15Do you want to know more about this topic? Read Brook et al. (2009) and Ibald-Mulli et al. (2001) papers.

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