Aspiration for the future: Potential application of artificial intelligence to indoor air quality

Indoor Air Cartoon Journal, August 2019, Volume 2, #71

The technology described in this issue is an example of how a machine could be designed to have intelligence that mimics human intelligence to make human life easier and comfortable. Imagine a world where occupants can comfortably and conveniently know the type and concentrations of pollutants they are being exposed to or inhaling without using conventional IAQ instruments or paying professionals to conduct measurements.

How will such technology described in this issue empower occupants to make an informed decision to reduce their exposure and intake? How can facility managers and operators, IAQ professionals and scientists be empowered to effectively streamline the process of IAQ audit and accurate determination of human exposure and intake through inhalation? How can real-time information collected from such technology empower policymakers to make informed decisions needed to create policies that will reduce exposure and intake and risk of suffering from IAQ problems? How will the described technology enable vulnerable people – children, the elderly, those with a history of respiratory problems, or people with poor ability to accurately perceive air quality on their own – to receive the intervention they need on time? Do you think such technology can become a reality?

71. Artificial Intelligence_71

Do you want to know more about this topic? Read Chen et al. (2008) and Mishra et al. (2015) papers to understand and appreciate the potential of the aspiration.

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